Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In honor of today's server outages

Devo---"Going Under"

Being front page on Digg is a mixed blessing.

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At July 11, 2007 at 9:46 PM , Anonymous Ellie said...

OW asked: Would any of you be interested in shooting the breeze in a forum spinoff of OW.com?. I suggested (and dropped your music blog's name) kind of a bloggy cultural pot-luck thing, with a small group of blogs huddled on a cultural (or other) topic to get some readers and traction going.

Hope using your music space as an example was cool; I like how you're developing your space, although I haven't contributed in the way of discussion here yet.

I'm also not very up on which bloggers know each other or interact as I was persona non blogga for months until recently.

A couple of song-related topics that come to mind out of my recent offline experience:

(a) Like pretty much anyone with an interest in many genres and eras of music, I love riff & sample detection and reworkings, as do most people I know. (Even the venerable elders.) It's not unusual to get or make an obscenely late night call with a sample of music and demanding, "Who sang that? It's driving me crazy." After that whole Sopranos-related "Journey" into the past it's also fun to chew over how a particular song/band plays on the ST's of people's lives outside the coolness du jour factor of providing context to their hipness.

(b) On the solemn occasion of Rev Falwell's death, my friends and I "toasted" his express down elevator to hell by raising a few to a soundtrack of tunes to be played in that chute and in the fiery netherworld for all eternitayyyy. Each guest was limited to three tunes that would in some way hector the Rev, plain drive him crazy, or were so fucking bad they'd just torture the asshole. (My picks available on request.)

So there's two ideas for a multi-blog cultural discussion and, again, not turning it into a coolness contest but a multi-culti sharing of culture-related experiences would be great.

It would keep individual bloggers recharged, help keep the netroots fresh by expanding the grazing grounds, and expose blogs and readers to each other in a friendlier way than the :::shudder::: databasing and political spamming that's happening more with "people powered politics." (Bleccch: get me off that loop, please!)


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